Best Christmas Gifts Under 30 For 2016

Wednesday, 2 November 2016  |  Admin

It’s that time of the year again when you have to go hunting for the latest and greatest Christmas gifts to please your friends and family. To make your life a little easier this year we thought we’d hand pick the best Christmas gifts under £30. So prepare to go on a shopping spree and get all those Christmas gifts out of the way!

Flash Golf Balls - £12.00


The first gift on our list is the awesome flashing Golf ball. Perfect for those guys who’d do anything to play another game this Golf Ball lets you play at any time. With this bright flashing ball, you can now play Golf all year round, even on dark mornings and nights!

The Flash Golf Ball offers the same quality and performance as a regular ball, but on impact it flashes brightly. The light inside the ball remains active for 5 minutes, giving you plenty of time to find where it landed. Each pack comes with 2 balls, and the gift has been praised by many people for being good quality at a reasonable price.

Brick Yourself - £29.99

Brick Yourself Christmas Gift

If you’ve ever played with Lego in your life, then you’ve probably tried to make yourself on numerous occasions. When you finally built yourself you could stick the miniature version of you anywhere you fancied; a car, a castle, a spaceship, the limit was your imagination. As you or your kids grew older, you probably ended up throwing out your Lego and your miniature self as well.

Well, now you can immortalise yourself in Lego with this cool custom tailored gift for only £29.99. Simply send in some facts, likes and hobbies about yourself and Firebox will create a miniature Lego version of yourself! The figure arrives framed with an accompanying quote of your choice underneath. And to answer your question, yes you can take it out and play with it! If you know a big Lego fan or someone who likes collectables, then this is the gift for them.

Hatching Dinosaur Candle - £29.99

Hatching Dinosaur Egg Candle

If you’re a big fan of dinosaurs or know someone who is then, this is the ultimate gift. The hatching dinosaur candle might just look like an ordinary candle but when you light it something magical happens. As the flame slowly burns and starts to melt the wax, you’ll notice a small figure starting to emerge from inside.

That’s right; there’s an actual dinosaur figure inside the egg that gives the illusion the dinosaur is hatching as it melts. To experience the full awesomeness, you’ll have to get one yourself and watch it melt. Available for £29.99 from Firebox this gift is perfect for anyone.

Tweexy - £14.99

Tweexy Nail Polish Holder

The Tweexy is a cool gift for anyone that spends a long time doing their nails. This handy nail polish holder fits perfect on your hand, so you don’t have to keep stretching over the table to paint your nails. Simply slip the Tweexy on your hand and pop your nail polish in the top to hold it securely while doing your nails. This allows you to do your nails anywhere while on the go. You’ve painted your knuckles on the train for the last time, say goodbye to spills drips and smudges.

Available in 4 different colours there’s a colour to suit everyone's personality and style. Don’t worry about different sizes either; the Tweexy comes in one size that fits all. Available on Firebox for £14.99 the Tweexy is a useful gift for any nail obsessed women that struggles to paint her nails while on the go.

Emoji Pillows - £19.99

Emoji Pillows

If you spend a lot of time messaging on your mobile, then you probably use a few emojis, if not then you probably have a son or daughter that does. Don’t you sometimes wish you could use emojis in face to face conversations? Well, now you can with the emoji pillow!

Available in 8 different variations from the wink face to the grinning face, you can now have your favourite emoji right beside you. Because sometimes things are easier to explain with a simple emoji rather than words.

Available for £19.99 on Firebox the emoji pillow is sure to put a smile on anyone's face who receives it for Christmas.

Friendship Bracelets - £9

Friendship Bracelets

Girls love making friendship bracelets for their friends, and there’s nothing better than this Friendship Bracelet Kit for helping them do so. With over 96 metres of thread in 12 different colours and a fully detailed instruction guide this kit has everything you need to create awesome friendship bracelets.

If you have a creative daughter or granddaughter, then there’s no better gift to get them this Christmas. Available from the Great Gift Company for £9 this friendship bracelet kit is perfect for any young budding fashion designer.

iBeani - £24.99

VW Campervan Ibeani

If you know someone who uses a tablet on a regular basis but doesn't have a tablet holder, then make their dreams come true and get them an iBeani. Using tablets for an extended period of time can be stressful on your body, specifically on your arms and wrists. Do your loved one a favour and stop them from getting RSI or iPad shoulder. The iBeani currently holds any tablet device on the market, simply place your tablet or mobile on the iBeani, and it will do all the hard work for you.

Available directly from our online store we currently have over 50 different unique patterns to please everyone. If you purchase 2 or more iBeanis in a single order, then for a limited time you’ll receive 15% off. If you can't decide which iBeani to get, then be sure to check out our latest editions.

Stargazer - £30

Stargazer Kit

If you’re a big fan of space and the world beyond ours, then you’ll love this ultimate stargazer gift box. Packed full of cool gifts this present has everything a young stargazer or astronaut would need. The gift box also includes official Astronaut Ice Cream which has been used in space to feed hungry astronauts.

The gift box also comes with a space ship cookie cutter, cosmic sand and a 2017-night sky book showing all the visible constellations from Britain. Available from the Great Gift Company for £30 this gift is perfect for any budding astronaut or stargazer.

So now you have some awesome gift ideas you have no excuse for bad presents this year. To take advantage of our special 15% discount when you order 2 iBeanis or more visit our store to redeem the offer.

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