New 2016 iBeani Designs Are Now Available!

Thursday, 25 February 2016  |  Admin

We are very happy to announce that our new 2016 iBeani designs are now available for pre-order! We’ve included a sample of our favourites below but be sure to head on over to the iBeani tablet stand store and browse the full range of designs for yourself.

Pre-orders will begin shipping from 28th March and all new product designs follow the traditional iBeani values – Made in Britain and created using high quality, locally sourced fabrics and materials. Got any questions about our new designs? Just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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New iBeani 2016 Designs:

New Brushstroke Grey iBeani:

A funky twist on the iBeani design! Our new Brushstroke Grey iBeani tablet stand features high quality brushstroke patterned fabrics in a variety of grey, black and green colours. Read more about the Brushstroke Grey iBeani by clicking here.


New Butterfly Blue iBeani:

Classic yet chic – the new Butterfly Blue iBeani design uses high quality chic fabrics for a timeless finish. The delicate colour palette means that this iBeani design will sit well in any environment. Read more about the Butterfly Blue iBeani stand by clicking here.


New Celeste Blue iBeani:

celeste blue ibeani

The new Celeste Blue iBeani features a funky range of red white and blue zig zag patterns, paying homage to our Made in Britain values. This design is part of the Celeste range which also features our Yellow Celeste design. Read more about the Celeste Blue iBeani by clicking here.


New Cool Cats iBeani:

cool cats ibeani

The perfect iBeani for cat lovers! This fun and adorable iBeani design features cute cartoon caricatures of cats throughout the quality, locally sourced fabric. We also have our new Hartley Hare design for those Rabbit owners amongst you! Read more about the Cool Cats iBeani tablet stand by clicking here.


New Cube Yellow iBeani:

cube yellow ibeani

Bring a retro feel to your life with the new Cube Yellow iBeani design! Featuring a striking pattern of yellow, white and grey cube faces this iBeani is perfect for those who wish to add a touch of retro design in to their lives. Read more about the Cube Yellow iBeani by clicking here.


New Galaxy Blue iBeani:

galaxy blue ibeani

Add a touch of sparkle in to your world with the new Galaxy Blue iBeani. Featuring a vivid and sparkling star pattern, this iBeani is part of our Galaxy range which also includes the Galaxy Yellow iBeani tablet stand. Read more about the Galaxy Blue iBeani by clicking here.


New Herringbone Grey iBeani:

herringbone grey ibeani

Classic, subtle and stylish. Our new Herringbone Grey iBeani is made from the finest quality fabrics in our UK workshop. The Herringbone Grey iBeani is the perfect addition to any classic and stylish home. Read more about the Herringbone Grey iBeani by clicking here.


New Nautical Stripe iBeani:

nautical stripe ibeani

Bring a touch of the seaside in to your world with our new Nautical Stripe iBeani tablet stand. The stylish red, white, cream and blue pattern looks great in any home and is a truly timeless design. Read more about the new Nautical Stripe iBeani tablet stand by clicking here.


New Orange Check iBeani:

orange check ibeani

Bold and stylish whilst being timeless classic – the new Orange Check iBeani combines the best of both worlds. Made from high quality, locally sourced check fabrics this iBeani design will brighten up any room. Read more about the new Orange Check iBeani tablet stand by clicking here.


Remember to check out our store for a complete listing of all our new 2016 iBeani designs. Do you have suggestions for a future iBeani design? If so then we want to hear them! Submit your ideas to us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll feature our favourites. Who knows, your designs may one day become reality!

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